About Us.

Ayegh Bam-e-Bastan Company was founded in 2007 with the aim of producing various types of road construction and industrial bitumen. Having tanks with a capacity of 10000 tons and using the German Automation System (DAS) provided by Siemens Company and control equipment of precise advanced instruments provided by well-known manufacturers, it has been able to deliver the highest quality possible for its products.
Making use of equipment above as well as professional and skilled workforce, the production line of Ayegh Bam-e-Bastan Company has the capacity of producing 1000 tons of different kinds of bitumen daily and it also has the capacity of continuous production of 90000 tons of bitumen per year.


  • Various types of soft and hard bitumen and bitumen with moderate softness

  • Vapor barrier primer

  • Oxidized bitumen

  • Bitumen 40/50

  • Bitumen 45/50

  • Bitumen 60/70

  • Bitumen 85/100

  • Bitumen 100/120

  • Bitumen R90/15

  • Bitumen R85/25

  • Bitumen MC250

  • Emulsion bitumen

  • Bitumen modified with polymeric materials

  • Glass wool vapor barrier

  • Bitumen packaging

  • Light and heavy hydrocarbon produced by blending


Commercial Department.

This company utilizes its creative and capable workforce to conduct its business affairs, including providing the best materials to produce products using Just-in-Time methods to reduce working capital risk, warehousing costs, and other costs. The company’s other activities include discovering target markets around the world and designing and implementing sales and marketing policies aligned with the organization’s overall strategy and customer relationship management (CRM) and efforts to maintain customer satisfaction.

– Development and improvement of supply chain
– Supplying quality raw materials from domestic and foreign manufacturers
– Communication with R&D department in order to prepare materials according to structured formulations

– Developing sales policies and methods in accordance with the objectives of the organization’s strategy
– Optimizing comprehensive sales management systems
– Taking action for sale and supply of products in different ways (stock market and direct supply)
– Continuous communication with customers and identifying customer needs

– Continuous improvement of the company’s brand in order to grow the business continuously
– Reviewing, analyzing, and studying the niche market
– Analyzing trends and providing decision dashboards to senior executives of the organization

Financial Department.

The financial manager acts directly under the supervision of the CEO and is responsible for planning, controlling, and directing the company’s financial policies in line with the organization’s macro strategy in all operational and non-operational areas, receipts and payments, cost control, property and other responsibilities specific to this field of duties.
The structure of the Financial Department is classified into the following components:
– Financial accounting includes public accounting, financial accounting, treasury, sales accounting, contract accounting, payroll accounting, and tax accounting units.
– Management accounting includes final cost accounting, assets accounting, inventory, budget accounting, reports, and cost control and analysis.

– Controlling the receiving and payment of company liquidity and reporting them to the financing management department and treasury to resolve discrepancies.
– Receiving all documents of the company based on Rial, including domestic and foreign orders for issuing checks, document registration, submitting financial reports, and submitting financial statements of the organization.
– Customer credit control and amount of sales
– Reviewing and controlling the amounts of domestic and export sales and reporting them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to the units in charge of selling the products.
– Preparing periodic financial statements in accordance with national and international standards (IFRS)


In this section, quality control of the input raw materials, product during production, product produced and product in barrels is carried out. Sampling is performed by experienced technicians under the supervision of a production representative. The samples are brought to the laboratory and after processing and preparation, they are tested with advanced and accurate laboratory devices and the results and documents are completed and stored accurately. The storage of control samples is also done in this section so that the control samples can be stored for six months.
Furthermore, the process of barrel making, controlling input materials, daily temperature recording, controlling, and monitoring sampling, controlling and monitoring loading and unloading of barreled products from the company are performed by QC experts.


According to the objectives set by Ayegh Bame Bastan Company in line with working in the field of road and industrial bitumen products, with its technical knowledge and measures taken, this company has succeeded in obtaining the necessary certificates and standards.

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